Warranty & Return

We offer a wide range of Apple parts.

The iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other smartphone batteries will supply a 2-year warranty. and the iPhone’s other parts will have a one-year warranty.

Please note that all the products that we deliver have successfully passed our strict quality control check (encompassing functional/visual/packaging tests).

We are a truly customer-oriented company and want you to love our products as much as we do. This is why we at Mocan leave no stone unturned to enhance your buying experience. We value your time and ensure you get the best value for your money. We take customer feedback very seriously and try to resolve issues in the best possible manner.

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and that’s why try to offer top-notch products that are actually worth your money.

Our Warranty Policy – Terms & Conditions

Extensive 30-Days Product Warranty

In case of any functional/technical fault, we request you to get in touch with our customer care on an immediate basis. We offer extensive 30-days product coverage and can repair/replace/return the product if the cause of the problem has been reported to us with detailed information (including video/photo of the defect) in the prescribed timeframe. We ensure timely rectification of the issue subject to the condition that you report your case within the first 30 days of your purchase.

If there is any quality issue with a limited set of products, we will send new products with your next order without needing you to return those products. However, if the sent products contain a number of faults, you may opt for the return process.  For the mutual benefit of clients and our company, we ask our customers to keep products with them for certain period of time during which we directly approach the company and ask for replacements and returns. Please note that your convenience and benefit is very important to us. This is why, we will bear the freight and settle your claims once we receive the fresh goods from the company.

To provide our customers with impeccable buying experience, we make sure to source high-quality and reliable products and accessories from the trustworthy resources only. Since, the unit price of some products is quite high, we request our customers to retain the products so that we can ask for replacement or repair from the company to avoid the losses.

We have a flexible return and replacement policy for our clients. We provide a return label for our US-based clients that you can use at any time to claim replacements and returns. However, for clients in Europe and Australia, we unfortunately haven’t found any suitable logistics company yet that enable us to pay the shipping fee directly. To make the whole process hassle-free, we therefore, request you to guide us on the use of your local logistic and pay online, or alternately you can pay first and we will pay you (in whatever manner you deem fit).

All you need to do is to return the goods to our Hong Kong warehouse and we’ll take care of the rest.

Note: It is recommended to use DHL or EMS express delivery service they can provide you with a valid tracking number and detailed shipping information.

All in all, this information is to help you understand our buyer-friendly return/replacement policy. But, we’re truly committed to providing our clients with excellent products that you might not need to return in the first place.

Warranty Exemptions

Please note that this warranty policy is exclusively applicable for manufacturer’s faults. We DO NOT cover:

  • Damage caused by liquid;
  • Natural product degradation/Fault or damage that may arise due to normal wear and tear;
  • Any damage caused by the user/damage caused by inappropriate cleaning or maintenance of the product;
  • Damage caused by dropping the product or intentional mistreatment;
  • Improper use of accessories;
  • Damage caused by attempting to repair or adapt the device by yourself or a third party.

Our Return Policy – Terms & Conditions

Contact Us > Confirm the Issues > We Offer a Solution > Return & Replacement > Dispatch New Products

Mocan's Warranty & Returns Flow Chart

You May Have These Questions

  1. What will be the status of warranty if I have installed the iPhone screen?

We offer a lifetime warranty for the iPhone screen, and you can check the products to see a Mocan logo on the screen to determine the warranty.

  1. What will be the warranty status if the battery fails to charge?

First of all, we need to troubleshoot as many times the low battery has been used up, and the automatic protection device is activated.

For instance, an iPhone is always easy to turn off during winter. Therefore, we will send you a tool that activates the battery. In case the problem remains unsolved, we will replace the battery for you.

Feel free to ask any other questions you have in mind regarding our warranty and return policy. Also, provide us with your valuable feedback as it will help us grow.

We always look forward to joining you in your endeavors. This is why we ensure that our warranty and return policy are as transparent as possible.

By joining hands with Mocan, you will definitely realize that it is the best Apple replacement parts supplier across China.

(Disclaimer: We only process warranty claims for functional/technical faults. Please note that defects or damage caused by users are not covered by our warranty policy. Also, damage caused by inappropriate product handling and maintenance and incorrect methods will not be covered under this policy.)