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Return is Easy and Doesn't Require You To Pay
Tina Liu
October 2nd, 2019

We know that clients are cautious when choosing Apple parts suppliers. When we confirm the price and quality, we also will have the concerns are trust, security and after-sales service.

We have chated a lot of clients, Some clients don’t choose to trade internationally because they worry about the return problem. They worry that difficult to return, need to pay international freight, need to wait a long time and others.

No one product is perfect, Some of Apple parts are easily damaged. In any case, we want to be foolproof. However, problems may still arise. This bothers you and us.

Therefore, We can provide a good solution for you. We have a very good return system, and step by step to improve services.

We attach great importance to this issue, from the previous tests of the product to the quality assurance after you received the goods, we can provide a lifetime warranty for Apple parts replacement, and even do often procurement will always be warranted. And can provide different after-sales support for different customers.

Then, the first solution. Don’t need to return the goods to us.

Our product’s good rate is 99%, To choose us and we will do our best to meet our clients’ requirements. Usually, Mocan Technology don’t need to return the goods and can replacement new ones to our clients. And if have many damaged products, the return goods are the best choice.

Therefore, The Second solution. Return the goods to our Hongkong warehouse and Don’t need you to pay.

When I recalling that an old client about the return problem in several years ago, I still remember he angrily said:” find a freight company to pick up the goods from my company.”At that time, it was considered very difficult and impossible to do.

But now, we have to find a solution.

We can provide USPS return labels for the United States clients, with on-site service options. Europe and Australia clients provide EMS returns. Hong Kong is a free port. The time for returning goods to Hong Kong is very fast.

I will show you a client case.

When a client in Mocan Technology purchases many times, then he tells us, ” There are 12 screens have problems.” Then, we contacted many emails to discuss these issues and finally think to return is the best way.

Then we landed on the USPS website, got a return label for the client, and paid the shipping fee. And the returned goods from the United States, it took only about 7 days to reach Hong Kong. Then we will transport the goods from Hong Kong to Shenzhen for processing. We are responsible for all shipping costs.

We have to admit that in some countries there is no such convenient platform to operate the shipping method online, so we have no way to provide this service to all clients. However, our attitude is that we will be responsible for any problems and will not cause any loss to our client.

We sure today we do others don’t do, tomorrow we do others can’t do. Contact us for any questions with the Apple parts warranty.

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