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Macbook battery
Tina Liu
October 3rd, 2019

As a MacBook user, you must be aware that the battery won’t last forever. Time will come when you will have to do a MacBook battery replacement. Doing a replacement will be inevitable especially when the performance of the battery starts dwindling. You may even consider importing MacBook battery for replacement.

Are you into in the business of MacBook batteries? It is obvious that you would like to give your customers the best batteries. You can achieve this goal by importing quality MacBook battery in China.

So, what are the dos and don’ts for importing a MacBook battery in China? Well, you don’t have to worry about that as here is a complete importers guide for buying the best MacBook battery in China.

Chapter 1: How Many Qualities of MacBook Batteries Are in the Market

If you are looked into iPhone screen replacement parts, You’ll know there are have a touch glass and an LCD screen to make a complete full screen.

Macbook battery 1

When shopping for a battery replacement MacBook, you will encounter different types of MacBook batteries. These are the original MacBook battery and OEM MacBook battery.

1.1 How many grades of MacBook Batteries quality?

1. Original MacBook Battery

Original batteries are the ones the batteries that are manufactured by Apple-authorized manufacturers. They are specifically designed for the MacBooks.

These batteries are very scarce hence are expensive than other third-party batteries in the market.

In terms of performance, they just perform well as specified in the package. You may consider buying these batteries if you are looking for Apple-approved batteries.

2. OEM MacBook Battery

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” which means that these batteries are identical to the original Macbook batteries. The manufacturers use all the components that are in the original battery.

In terms of the performance and reliability, OEM batteries perform impressively. In fact, they can rival the original MacBook batteries.

For instance, Mocan Technology is a known OEM MacBook battery manufacturer in China. We manufacture original batteries for different types of MacBook laptops.

3, Superior Quality 

Mocan Technology also supply for superior quality of MacBook battery. Which means you can make your own brand, it’s 100% Cobalt Cell with same material by 3rd-part factory.

We can supply for all battery certificates.

1.2 Original MacBook Battery vs OEM Replacement Battery

When it comes to buying MacBook replacement batteries, which one should you choose?

You will be split between choosing the original Apple MacBook battery and OEM replacement battery.

Which one is the best between these two battery grades? To find out, let’s look at the differences between them.

The first area of difference is the price of the MacBook replacement batteries. Original Apple MacBook batteries are expensive than the OEM batteries. This means that if you want to save money, go for the third party MacBook batteries manufacturers in China.

The second area of difference is the capacity or performance of the batteries. The original replacement MacBook will have the same capacity and performance as the one that you removing.

On the other hand, OEM can have the same battery capacity, higher capacity or lower capacity as compared to the original battery. It all depends on where you are buying the battery.

If it is from a reputable MacBook battery manufacturer, expect to get a battery that has premium qualities.

In overall, you can be sure of reliability when you buy the original Apple MacBook battery. This will not always be the case when you buy replacement batteries from third-party manufacturers. Some manufacture low quality batteries.

The good news is some OEM manufacturers manufacture reliable MacBook batteries. Their batteries are reliable and have a high capacity. This is why it is always advisable to spend your time to select the best OEM MacBook, battery manufacturers. Not only will yous save your money but also you will end up with reliable MacBook batteries.

Chapter 2: What is the Average Lifespan of a MacBook Battery?

Under normal use, the average lifespan of a typical MacBook battery is between two to three years. However, Apple does not prefer to measure the cycle of battery life by years. Instead, they prefer to name them by cycles.

It is critical to note that the lifespan of a MacBook battery can vary depending on the model of the laptop.

Once the period of that period is over, the performance or the capacity of the MacBook battery will start going down and you will have no other option but to get a replacement.

2.1 Factors that Affect the Lifespan of a MacBook Battery.

Although there is a definite lifespan of a MacBook battery, there are things that can make it to last for a shorter lifespan than what is expected.

They will force you to replace the battery earlier than what you had planned. These factors include:

-Completely discharging the battery: This usually happens when you leave the battery to completely drained before you charge it again.

Doing this habit frequently can reduce the lifespan of the MacBook battery.

-High temperatures: Exposing your MacBook to high temperatures over a regular basis can have damaging effects on its battery.

This is possible because heat accelerates the chemical reaction of the battery hence reducing its lifespan.

Also, extremely cold temperature can cause permanent damage to the battery.

 -Improper use: Just the way you handle the MacBook battery can determine whether it will have a long lifecycle or not.

Leaving the battery plugged to the power source for too long will reduce its lifetime. This is because it will end up accumulating excess heat which will have both physical and structural damage on it.

2.2 How to Improve the Lifespan of a MacBook Battery?

Would you like your MacBook battery to last for a long time up to its desired time? Here are some useful tips that can help you to achieve this goal.

(i) Activate the battery percentage

Even before you focus on improving the battery lifespan, it will be better if you can check and monitor the performance of the battery. This will give you the real-time data and you will be able to act in case the battery starts misbehaving.

Turning on the battery percentage feature is quite easy. Simply click the battery icon which is on the menu bar then select “Show Percentage”.

Image showing battery percentage

(ii) Update your software and applications

Apple has a habit of updating its operating system and other application software frequently. The updates are meant to improve the overall user experience on the macOS.

One of the things that these updates tend to focus on is the energy-saving feature. They are usually built to optimize their energy consumption and this will have a direct impact on the battery lifespan.

Do not underestimate the impact of a single software update. To update the software on your MacBook, just click on the Apple icon then select the “Software Update” option.

(iii) Utilize the energy-saver feature

Generally, a MacBook is designed to consume lots of power when in continuous use. The good news is you can regulate its power consumption with the help of the “energy saver” feature.

It rations the energy consumption of the device and ensures that the battery does not reach the critical power level. Here are the steps of activating the “Energy Saver” feature of the MacBook.

  1. Click Apple>System Preferences> Energy saver
  2. Activate the Automatic Graphics Switching feature
  3. Switch on the Put Hard Disks To Sleep When Possible
  4. Turn off the Wake for Network option

The image below illustrates the process above.

Image source

(iv) Shut off the background apps

Apps that keep running on the background of your laptop consume energy. The best option is to turn them off when you are not using the MacBook. To find out which apps are running, go to the “Activity Monitor option which is under the “Applications feature. Stop those applications that you are not using.

(v) Store the laptop at a cool place

As we have already said, high temperatures have a detrimental effect on the health of the laptop battery. To avoid this, store it in a moderate room temperature. It should not be too hold or too cold.

You should also clear the air vents of the MacBook to ensure that there is proper circulation of air which prevents overheating.

(vi) Don’t leave it discharged for too long

Let’s say you are going on a journey and you won’t be using the MacBook for long. Don’t leave it below 3% of battery charge. Ensure that it has at least a 50% charge. A discharged battery can be permanently damaged especially if it is left unused for a long time.

Chapter 3: Is it worth replacing a 9-year-old MacBook Battery?

MacBook battery source Pixabay

Let’s say you have an old MacBook and you would like to continue using it. Should you replace its battery?

If the MacBook is working, then you should go ahead and replace its battery. Of course, this is after confirming that all of its components are in a proper working condition.

The best option here is to buy a MacBook battery from a third-party manufacturer in China.

By doing so, there will be a high chance of finding a good battery that will serve your needs.

While still at it, you should consider doing a few upgrades on your laptop so that its performance can match with the battery

For instance, you can upgrade its hard drive to SSD.

Chapter 4. How do I know if my MacBook battery Needs to be Replaced?

Image of a MacBook source Pixabay

Although replacing a MacBook battery may sound like an easy affair, it is not usually smooth sailing. One of the things that may prove to be challenging is knowing when you should replace the battery.

Apple has not stated anywhere that there is a definite time to replace the battery. Instead, it is up to you to assess the condition of the battery and know that you need to replace it.

So, how do you know that it is time to do a replacement?

Here are some of the most proven ways that will show you it is time to replace your MacBook battery:

1. Check the charging cycle count

This is the simplest way of knowing when to replace the MacBook battery. A charge cycle refers to using all the power that is stored in the battery. For instance, you can use 50% of the battery power for an hour then use the same amount of power next time after recharging it.

A MacBook usually has the specific number of cycle count and this data is stored in the System report tab as shown below.

MacBook battery Health InformationMacBook battery Health Information
Images showing the cycle count of a MacBook

You should always check the number of battery cycles that are left to know whether you need to do a replacement

Chapter 5. Look for a Reliable Partner for MacBook Battery wholesale.

As a seller, the most probable question that you may be asking yourself is, where can I buy the best MacBook battery wholesale?

The surest play is to buy from a reliable MacBook battery manufacturer and supplier in China.

But how can you find such a manufacturer? There are various attributes that you should look in a MacBook battery supplier.

Some of these attributes include:

-The MacBook battery reviews from the manufacturer should be positive

-The manufacturer should be experienced in the industry

-The cost of a MacBook battery from the manufacturer should be reasonable

-Proper communication with the customers

-Excellent customer services

If you are looking for a manufacturer that meets the above requirements, consider choosing Mocan Technology. We manufacture quality MacBook batteries for wholesale. If you need them, just contact us and we will act on your order.

Chapter 6: How to transport the Macbook battery?

We will give each Macbook battery a small box with foam to protect the battery.

The battery is dangerous and must be paid for GD. When you choose Mocan Technology to buy batteries, we will choose the fastest and safest transport for you. Usually, we have different modes of transport such as DHL or door to door transport. And will arrange shipments according to the different local requirements of different customers’ countries.

Mocan Technology is a reliable supplier for wholesale MacBook battery in China. if you have any confusion about transportation, please feel free to contact us.


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