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iPhone Screen
Tina Liu
October 2nd, 2019

Are you looking for the best iPhone screen for your customers?

Let us continue together to get the major details that can help in determining the quality of the iPhone screen. Therefore, read every part and we sure you are going to know complete guide for import the iPhone screen.

Chapter 1: What’s the difference between iPhone glass and LCD?

If you are looked into iPhone screen replacement parts, You’ll know there are have a touch glass and an LCD screen to make a complete full screen.

The touch glass is the exterior layer on your iPhone’s display, between layers of plastic film. The LCD screen is entirely responsible for the display and touch-response function of your iPhone.

Usually when your customers iPhone screen broken, must be replace a full screen. But some of repairer will buyback the original LCD screen to make the screen price is better.

How to do it? When the customer’s the iPhone touch glass is broken, and the LCD is original quality. They will replacement all complete full screen, but only charge the touch glass price and keep the LCD screen. Which means they buyback the original LCD screen and can replacement the glass to make a new refurbished original screen.

Also, We have Buyback and Refurbished iPhone screen business.

Chapter 2: How many quality grades of iPhone screen replacement in the market?

We know that different customer group have different needs for product quality.

The development of the iPhone screen is constantly going on, so there are different qualities to meet the requirements of different customers. We always need high standards and reasonable cost-effective screens.

2.1 How many quality grades of iPhone 5 to 8 Plus screen?

Mocan Technology is experienced in this industry, We know all iPhone screen quality in the market.  Here is a detailed explanation of the iPhone screen replacement quality.

  • OEM New Screen

This is the OEM original and new from factory assembly. The best quality.

  • OEM Refurbished Screen /  Change Glass Original

The iPhone OEM refurbished screen means that the original LCD is kept and the new touch glass is replaced.

What does refurbished mean?

This implies that a factory can recycle a lot of used iPhone screens from various places, The LCD is functioning well but the glass is broken. then LCD is going to be used to make another iPhone screen.

The process involves dis-assembly of touch glass, The technicians use the screen separation machine to separate the broken glass and replace it with a brand new glass. Thereafter, they are pressed together with an integral frame.

Due to the many years of experience in the factory, the quality is also very stable for just replacing a brand new high-quality glass. At the same time, it can meet the needs of many clients for original high quality.

  • OEM Material Screen

OEM Material screen means using the original raw material LCD, touch glass and LCD flex by the third-party factory to assembly.

Based on our market research, we found out that the OEM original screen is easily confused with the refurbished original screen.


  • We know from Wikipedia that “OEM is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, a company that makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company’s end product.”

However, iPhone OEM screen supplied by Mocan Technology can be understood as buying raw materials from the original factory and then producing them by ourselves. The specifications and patterns are the same as the original.

We are very sure that all OEM screens issued from Chinese suppliers are of the same description.

  • Aftermarket screen / Grade AAA screen

In the aftermarket, you will hear about Tianma, Longteng, BOE, AUO, Shen Chao, etc.  They are all regarded as “aftermarket screen” or “Grade AAA “screen.

I once chatted with the owner of a certain factory here in China, I then found out that the iPhone screens were not produced by the Tianma or AUO. Instead, they only provided the raw materials and how to produce it. Then, the third-party factories to produce screen.

Then we also asked him “How to distinguish between Tianma and AUO screens?” He told us that it is almost impossible to see the difference in appearance.

The difference is in the LCD flex, which is sandwiched between the LCD and the glass in the middle of the flex cable.

Usually, the stability of the Tianma screen is the best, but if you have a lot of problems with the long-term purchase of the same product, The AUO is also a good choice.

  • ESR LCD Screen

What is an ESR screen?

This is a high-brightness screen that belongs to the aftermarket screen.

It uses imported backlight and frame glue. The outstanding performance is that the brightness of the display is brighter than all the aftermarket screens. Besides, the resolution of the display of the entire screen is similar to the original.

  • Different product prices always correspond to different customer groups. No one has to make a rule saying which screen should be used.

Maybe you know also know the HO3, AQ5, HQ5, EBS or EBS pro of iPhone screen. To be frank, different supplier just gives the iPhone screen a different name, but all screens are essentially about improving the resolution, fluency, durability, and brightness of the screen. We think that this type of product is the same as the screen of the ESR LCD we supply.

2.2 How many quality grades of iPhone X to XS Max screen?

IPhone X to XS Max screen also have OEM new, OEM refurbished and OEM matrial quality.

But in the aftermarket screen, It have Grade A ( also called TFT), And OLED screen.

The development of the market is determined by consumers and is driven by our suppliers and procurement. So we launched so many products for clients to choose, the products recommended by most people is the most worth buying.

Whether you are planning to enter the repair industry or already a senior purchase? Please do not hesitate to contact Mocan Technology for any questions that relate to supply and manufacture of iPhone battery.


Chapter 3: What are you most concerned about when buying an iPhone screen?

3.1 iPhone screen Price.

iPhone screen prices are currently stable and usually, do not change much in a month. Prices will only decrease as the number increases and will change depending on exchange rates. Normal quotes do not include shipping costs unless otherwise stated.

When you buy an iPhone screen from China, you need to pay for the product price, shipping cost, transfer bank fees, and customs fees.

3.2 How to control the iPhone screen quality?

The iPhone screen is a product that is easily damaged, so how to control quality is a key issue.

Based on our experience in testing products, the following are the steps we often do use to test iPhone screens.

Prepare a test board of the same type in advance and connect the iPhone screen to the test board through the test cable. It does not need to be installed and only needs to be connected. if the screen was damaged, when you turn on the power, you will see a row of cables appearing on the screen. This is definitely not acceptable. Like this.

Never be accepted.

Now, we start to test the iPhone screen.

1, After we connect the screen to the test board, first of all, need to check the appearance. ear off the outer protective film, see if the touch glass has scratches and many other aspects that are checked during the appearance checking.

2, Then, open the black and white pictures, we can observe the brightness of the screen, backlight, and see if there are any small scratches and dead spots.

3, Pull an app up and slide it back and forth on the screen without letting go of any corner.

4, Test keyboard input.

5, Install “small accessories” for the iPhone screen, such as black stickers on the cable, and cover the company’s exclusive label.

  1. 6. Replace the protective film and install it in a protective case.

Usually, the factory will test the screen for us first, and then our company’s procurement will test the screen again. If there is an unqualified product, it will be replaced at that time. After the gadgets are all installed on the screen, we will check the screen again.

We strictly control the quality, and each screen is rigorously tested to reduce the quality problems that may arise.


Chapter 4: Purchase of process./ How to import and transport iPhone screens?

Now, let us talk about how to order the iPhone screen from Mocan, the fastest purchase can be completed in 20 minutes.

We will communicate with you by mail, WhatsApp or Skype. During communication, you can pose questions and we will answer very fast. We will also introduce our iPhone screen and other products and tell you about the help and support we can give you. Let our advantages is your advantages.

When you choose imported products, the speed of receiving the goods is very fast. You also can check our Warranty & Return.

How to import and transport iPhone screens?

1, When you have an order, just give us an order list, including the specific product name, quality, quantity and color.

2, We will give you a purchase invoice to confirm. It will include the product details, prices, shipping cost and our payment account. If you purchase an uncommon product, then we will send you a picture to confirm. Make sure the products we send are what you need.

3,If there are no problems on the purchase invoice, we will start preparing your order immediately after you pay, Usually, we need 24-48 hours to ship the goods. The delivery time also depends on the number of products. The more products the more time we need to prepare. Of course, we will tell you when it is time to ship.

There are a lot of couriers that can be shipped but our standard is to be good, safe, and fast. Therefore, we have experience of sending goods from China to ship iPhone screen to Europe, the U.S, Australia, and New Zealand.

We usually use DHL special Channel transportation, the goods can reach your hands about 3 to 4 business days.


4,  On the next day, we will give you the DHL tracking number so that you can visit the DHL official website to check the detailed information.

In a nutshell, it takes about 5 days from the time of ordering and delivery to receive the goods.


Chapter 5: Top 3 qualities of a good supplier of iPhone screen!

We believe that a good supplier of iPhone screen must meet the following three requirements. We called ” KPP” standards.

1, Keep Real. The quality of all products can be clearly stated, and the explanations can be clearly given in the face of various problems raised by clients.
2, Professional. Everyone used to be a new guy, but in the face of the client must have a certain degree of professionalism, to have a very good understanding of the iPhone screen. We need to immediately match when talking about a product. and can provide their own professional advice to the client but can not make decisions for clients.
3, Patience. From the emergence of the first generation of iPhone, 11 years have passed, the price of the iPhone screen is relatively transparent, so sometimes we can get more inquiry but no order. Maybe the product is not obvious advantages, but the attitude of each sales rep is very important.
We do business is the exchange between people, sincere and patient treatment of each customer, and believe that customers will not let us down. Let us help us first and then wait for the opportunity.


Mocan Technology is a supplier with 6 years experience in iPhone screen. We understand all product details, how to control quality, how to ship and provide a lifetime warranty.
Choosing Mocan to buy an iPhone screen is the right decision, Please contact us immediately and start a good time with us.


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