iPhone Battery: The Complete Guide for Importers.

Tina Liu
October 2nd, 2019

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of iPhone battery? Here is a complete import guide to help you better purchase the iPhone battery what you need from China.

Chapter1: How many quality grades of iPhone Battery? 

When you buy an iPhone battery, you will hear a variety of qualities. For us, all our batteries have a yield of 99%, and almost no complaints are good batteries.

We supply the best iPhone battery replacement for **OEM new, ILC(Ion Laminate Cell), and TI (Texas Instruments) battery.**

OEM new battery quality:  original material and original OEM factory.

LLO battery quality: 100% Cobalt Cell with original used PCM with each battery different QR code.

TI (Texas Instruments)/ Superior quality: Best Replacement Battery 100% Cobalt Cell with Texas Instruments PCM and use the ILO Technology assembly.

Chapter 2How to know if the iPhone battery is OEM new original? 

When it comes to purchasing an iPhone battery, t is obvious that you would want to test its originality. You would like to know whether the OEM battery is for iPhone.

The good news is you can get this information without spending lots of money on a test or taking too long to do the test.

All you need is a software known as I-nigma.

This software has a QR code scanner that will allow you to scan the battery. Once you scan, you will get a string of numbers that show the originality and authenticity of the iPhone battery.

Chapter 3How do I know if my iPhone Battery Needs to be Replaced?

There is nothing that can hurt an iPhone user such as having a bad battery. After using your iPhone for a while, you have noticed that there are significant changes that have kept you on your toes.

In other words, you do not like the way your iPhone has been behaving of late. Apps are taking too long to load, some applications are stopping promptly, the phone is shutting itself down among many other problems.

Could there be an issue with the battery or are there other technical iPhone problems that you need to worry about?

Here are the most probable and proven signs that it is time to replace your iPhone battery:

1. The battery outgrows your iPhone

This is a physical sign that does not need any technical analysis. You simply need to use your eyes to see that the battery has grown bigger than the phone case.

Once you see that your iPhone battery seems to be squeezing itself out of the case, know that it is time to buy a new iPhone battery.

The earlier you do the replacement the better. You don’t have to wait for the battery to swell too much as it may end up becoming a safety hazard. It can release its toxic content that is dangerous to humans and the environment.

It is quite easy to tell that the battery has outgrown the phone. Some of these signs include a noticeable demarcation between the screen and the body of the phone, a whitish screen, slight displacement of the screen.

Once you notice the above signs of a swollen battery, dispose of it safely.

2. If your latest iPhone is slow

If your iPhone 6 or any other iPhone that is running on iOS 11.3 or later seems to be sluggish, the problem could be with its battery. The latest versions of iOS tend to be victims of throttling.

Before you conclude that the issue is with the battery, you should start by testing the peak performance capability of the iPhone. Go to the “Settings App” then select the “Battery” option, select the “Battery Health” then check the “Peak Performance Capability”

If the above message appears, know that your phone is a victim of throttling so you need to replace its battery.

3. Your iPhone shuts down unexpectedly

Your iPhone should shut itself off only when the battery is completely drained. Otherwise, it should not do so.

The only other problem that can cause the phone to shut itself off is if the battery calibration is off. You can recalibrate it by letting it charge uninterrupted up to 100% then do a soft reset.

If the recalibration procedure does not solve the problem, you should consider buying a new battery.

4. You must plug in your iPhone when using the battery

When you find yourself in such a situation, there is no more convincing that you need. It is clear that your battery is completely dead and needs an immediate replacement.

However, the problem may be with the battery connector which means that the battery is not charging when plugged in. If you confirm that there is no problem with the connector, proceed to buy a new iPhone battery.

5. Your phone is overheating

Is your iPhone becoming too hot especially after being charged? The problem could be with its Lithium-ion battery.

This is a very common problem with faulty iPhone batteries. They tend to overheat when they are charged.

When it comes to the heating issue, we have to keep in mind that you are keeping your iPhone away from the sun or any other heat source.

6. Older iPhones generally have battery issues

If you own an iPhone 5s or its predecessors, you need to accept the fact that the batteries of those phones are not the best. They will always have issues over time.

The capacity of these batteries tends to diminish with time. You may be forced to charge your battery after every two or three hours.

If you find yourself in such a problem, you should proceed to do an iPhone battery replacement.


Chapter 4iPhone Battery Problem? Not Charging?

Image source osxdaily.com

You have realized that your iPhone is running out of power so you do as expected, connect it to the charger. To your utter shock, the phone is not responding. You decide to twist the charger severally assuming that the problem could be with the charger but still there is nothing positive.

What could be the problem with the iPhone? Could there be a battery problem or could there be something else that is causing the battery not to charge?

Here are the most effective ways of fixing the problem of an iPhone that won’t charge:

(i) Hard reset the iPhone

This has always proven to be the quickest solution for fixing an iPhone that won’t charge. Just hard reset it and it resumes functioning as usual.

A hard reset method can solve the software malfunction that might have caused the iPhone to stop functioning as usual.

You should know that different iPhones have hard resetting procedures. If you are not sure which procedure to use for your phone, confirm here (https://www.saintlad.com/iphone-wont-charge/).

(ii) Check the lighting cable for any damage

Take your USB charging cable and inspect it for any physical damages.

These cables are prone to wear and tear, activities that can damage their normal functionality making them unable to charge your iPhone.

If you spot any visible signs of physical damage, you should consider replacing the cable. Before doing that, trying to charge using your friend’s cable and see whether it will work.

(iii) Use a different charger

Your iPhone may not be charging because of a problem with your charger. To solve the problem, try to use a different charger.

You can take one extra step of changing the charging port just to be sure of the issue.

Once you ascertain that the problem is with the charger, you can go ahead and replace it.

(iv) Clean the iPhone charging port

There could be an accumulation of dust, gunk, and debris in the charging port preventing the lightning cable from making perfect contact with the iPhone.

Brush the port to get rid of the gunk and debris.

(v) DFU Restore

If all the above methods have failed to yield the desired results, you can go ahead to execute a DFU restore on your iPhone.

The method entails erasing everything on your iPhone so that it goes back to the factory mode.

Back up your iPhone in iTunes before restoring it.

(vi) Buy new iPhone battery

If your iPhone battery still fails to charge after you have carried out all the above moves, consider doing an iPhone battery replacement.

The iPhone problem could be a result of a damaged battery and the most ideal solution is to get a replacement.

Chapter 5: Apple Limits Performance in Old iPhones, its iPhone Battery Whether Must be Replaced?


Image source WSJ.com

It is clear that Apple decided to limit the performance of its old iPhones. Although some conflicting views that surround this move, most pundits agree that Apple had no option but to take this step.

So, how does the step to limit the performance affect owners of the old iPhones? While upgrading to newer iPhones is an option that you can toy around with, there are some improvements that you can do on your old iPhone to improve its performance.

This is because the new move is likely to affect battery life and performance in the old iPhones.

Devices Affected

Will my iPhone be affected by the move to limit the performance of the old iPhones?

To be sure, here is a list of the iPhone devices that are likely to experience the effects of the new move.

-iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

-iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

-iPhone SE

-iPhone 7 and 7Plus

How to Check Whether My iPhone has Been Limited by Performance or Not

For clarity, you should take a step of confirming if your device is affected by the performance issue or not.

The good news is checking for this information is quite an easy process. You can do so within the shortest time possible.

All you have to do is download the “Geekbench” tool that is available in the App Store.

From the tool, you will be able to gauge the performance of your iPhone.

Most old iPhones tend to accumulate very low scores on the app, a sign that they have a limited performance that is caused by the iOS updates.

Chapter 6: Look for a Reliable Partner for iPhone Battery Wholesale

Once you have made up your mind to buy an iPhone battery, your next step is to get an iPhone battery supplier who will be your partner.

Given that there are many iPhone battery manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers, it is critical to choose a partner who will satisfy your needs.

Apart from delivering quality iPhone batteries, the supplier should give you an excellent sales service.

Here are the key factors that you should consider when choosing an iPhone battery supplier:

-Quality iPhone battery

The manufacturer should prove to be selling quality iPhone batteries. These are batteries that will score well in all aspects.

The manufacturer should prove to have used quality and approved materials for manufacturing the batteries.

They should also have carried out all the testing procedures that are required on iPhone batteries.

Another effective way of confirming the quality is by browsing online for iPhone battery reviews. Find out what other people are saying about the iPhone battery from the supplier.

-Excellent communication

A reliable iPhone battery manufacturer/supplier should maintain a good communication stream with the customers.

They should communicate with you efficiently and give you all the information that you need to know about iPhone batteries.

A good communication channel streamlines the purchase process.

-Open and transparent

The manufacturer should give you full information about the iPhone battery that you want to buy. They should not withhold any information from you.

Some of the data that the manufacturer or supplier should give include the type of battery, capacity, price, and any other technical detail that you need to know about the battery.

If the manufacturer has managed to pass all the requirements, you can go ahead to buy new iPhone batteries.


Chapter 7:Imported iPhone battery transportation problem.

Since the battery involves safety issues, each ticket battery is subject to a GD fee. You must choose a good supplier who can solve all the shipping problems for you.

At Mocan, we have a variety of different modes of transport for iPhone batteries. We can send international parcels, which are available for 3 weeks. We can use a door to door service to carry the customs duty, you do not need to pay another tariff. Important, We have a European warehouse that can ship the iPhone batteries to you in only 3 days.

We will provide reasonable advice based on different customer situations and the customer’s location to help customers import iPhone batteries faster and safer.


 In conclusion, I hope that you have acquired all the vital knowledge about iPhone batteries.

If you are wondering about where to buy affordable iPhone batteries in china, Consider buying from Mocan.

We are a reliable and reputable iPhone batteries supplier in China. We strive at our level best to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our products.


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