iPhone Accessories: The Complete Guide for Importers.

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Tina Liu
October 2nd, 2019

Are you in the business of selling phone accessories? You should consider adding iPhone accessory into your stock. You simply need to import quality iPhone accessory in China.

iPhone accessories are designed and manufactured to improve the functionality and even the look of your iPhone. Some of the accessories are so essential that you will find it difficult to use your phone without them.

In this guide, am going to advise you on the essentials of importing iPhone accessories.

Chapter 1: Types of iPhone Accessories to import from China

There are different types of iPhone accessories that you can buy. There are two main categories of iPhone accessories. These are functional accessories and fashionable iPhone accessories.

(i) Functional iPhone accessories

These are iPhone accessories that are designed to perform practical functions. They make it possible for users to execute some actions which will otherwise be impossible to be performed.

Some of the accessories that belong to this category charger, power adapters, Bluetooth headsets, EarPods, lightning USB cables among others.

For example, you won’t be able to charge your iPhone without using a charger.

(ii) Fashionable

As you can tell, fashion is more about looks. These iPhone accessories are designed to accentuate the appearance of an iPhone.

Examples of these accessories include phone cases, ,screen protector, tempered glass, and phone holder.  We also recommend the Baseus accessories for wholesale.

some of these accessories protect the phone in case of a drop.

Which iPhone accessory should I buy and which one should I leave out? To help you make the right choice, we have listed quite a number of essential accessories for iPhone

1.iPhone EarPods with lightning connector.

This is an in-ear headphone that has a lighting cable connector. The accessory will let you listen to music without any external interference.

This accessory is designed to the precision so that it is in a perfect geometry with the ear.

It is one of the most comfortable EarPod designs that you will find in the market.

The speakers of the iPhone EarPods are of high quality and produce high quality sound with minimum sound loss.

The lighting connector allows you to control the functionality of the EarPods. You can use it to adjust the sound or select the audio to be played.

2. Apple Lightning to Headphone Jack.

This iPhone accessory allows you to connect any different devices that use 3.5mm. To the audio lighting devices.

It works with all the devices that have a lightning connector including an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

3. Apple watch magnetic charger cable.

This accessory makes it easy for you to charge your Apple Watch. You simply need to hold the connector near the rear side of your watch and the magnet will make it snap to the right position.

This cable is free from exposed contacts and does not require you to be very accurate.

4. iPhone Power Adapter.

You will need an iPhone power adapter to charge your iPhone. It is important to buy an OEM iPhone adapter that meets all the government and safety standards to minimize chances of any risks.

5,  Lighting to USB Cable.

Although this accessory looks like a USB cable, it is known for its superior performance.

You can choose a 1M or 2M lighting USB cable. Alternatively, you can buy custom MFI cable.

Lighting to USB cable is compatible with different models of iPhones.

7. Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhone.

With this accessory, you can listen to any audio files that are playing on your iPhone without using a wired connection.

The headset will also produce high quality sound that is devoid of any noise.

Chapter 2: Factors to Consider When Buying iPhone Accessories

As we have seen, there are different types of iPhone accessories that you can buy. Now the next step is to buy phone accessories online. What are the dos and don’ts of importing iPhone accessories from China?

Here are the top 8 tips that will help you to buy the best iPhone accessories:

1. Quality of the iPhone accessory

The first thing that you should look at is the quality of the iPhone accessory that you are buying. It should be of premium quality so that it can perform its desired mandate effectively.

Do not be blinded by the amazing features or the low price of the iPhone accessory to an extent that you overlook the quality.

You can go ahead to inquire about the kind of tests and inspections that the iPhone accessory manufacturer has done on the products.

2. iPhone accessory price

There are different types of iPhone accessories in the market and each one of them has its price tag.

Once you have decided on the iPhone accessory that you are buying you should find out about its market price.

This should be a standard practice as it will help you to pay the right price for the product.

Inquire from the iPhone accessory manufacturer for the details about the price. They will send you a catalog that contains the pricing information of the iPhone accessories.

Even as you focus on buying affordable iPhone accessories in China, do not compromise on the matters of quality. Don’t just buy a cheap iPhone accessory yet it is of low quality.


3. Features and functionality of iPhone accessory

Some iPhone accessories may have unique features that are meant to enhance their functionality.

As a buyer, you should be on the lookout for these features. Compare the things that you can gain from different accessories of the same category and choose the one that has superior features.

One of the features that you need to look on the accessory is user-friendly. It should be comfortable to use on the iPhone and eliminate all forms of discomfort.

4. Warranty and return policy

When importing bulk iPhone accessories, you need to get some form of assurance from the manufacturer about the quality and durability of the products

The best assurance comes in the form of warranty and return policy. Choose accessories that have favorable warranties and return policies.

If you are buying different accessories, check the warranty that is on each item.

5. The manufacturer/supplier

You should strive to choose the best iPhone accessories manufacturer or suppliers in China. This is one of the things that can guarantee you a quality product and smooth purchasing process.

The manufacturer should be reliable and reputable and trustworthy. Find out how they conduct their business and you will be able to tell the likelihood of getting quality iPhone accessories and sales services from them.

Prioritize the factors that we have listed above and as they will help you to get the best iPhone accessories.


Chapter 3: How to Spot Fake iPhone Accessories?

While buying iPhone accessories, you should be able to differentiate between OEM and fake accessories.

OEM use the materials and the formula that are similar to the ones used bu the original accessories. On the other hand, fake accessories use low-quality materials and follow unscrupulous procedures to manufacture their accessories.

So, what is the difference between these two types of iPhone accessories? Whether you are buying an iPhone power adapter, iPhone Bluetooth headset, iPhone EarPods or any other iPhone accessory, you can use the following tricks to distinguish between genuine and fake accessories.

-Check the packaging

You should start by checking basic things such as packaging. Apple Certified MFI accessories are labeled by badges and logos to show that they have the full approval of apple.

Check if the packaging of the accessory has one of these two LOGOS and BADGES

Image source Apple Tool Box https://appletoolbox.com/how-to-spot-avoid-fake-apple-accessories/#Inspect_The_Packaging_FIRST

If there is no such a badge or logo, then you need to get worried about the authenticity of the accessory. Chances are you have bought a fake iPhone accessory.

-The physical characteristic of the component: Even if the manufacturer has used a fake badge or a fake serial number, the physical features of the cable can give it away.

For instance, the contacts of a genuine lighting connector are smooth while that of a fake connector will have rough patches. The contact of a fake connector will have some inconsistent.

The USB contacts of a genuine connector are gold-plated while that of a fake connector is dark-colored.

-Check the connection: The connection between the iPhone and the accessory should be smooth. You should not use force to connect the phone to the headset or any other connector.

On the other hand, you will use a significant amount of force to connect fake accessories with the iPhone.

-Ridiculously low price: Even as you aim to get affordable iPhone accessories you should always be on high alert in case you find extremely cheap accessories.

If they are too cheap than most accessories in the market, there is a high chance that they are fake

The Problems with Using Fake iPhone Accessories

While you may celebrate the low price of the fake iPhone accessories, you need to be aware that your celebrations may not last for long.

It may be cut short by the troubles that are associated with buying and using fake iPhone accessories.

One of the main problems is the accessory will be rendered absolute. This means that the iPhone will not be able to support the functionality of the accessory anymore.

Given that Apple is always updating its technology, a single update can have damaging effects on the accessories.

You will start seeing messages like this every time you try to connect the accessory to the iPhone:

Image source Apple Tool Box https://appletoolbox.com/ios1031-cable-problem-iphone/#MFI_Now_Required_for_Apple_Devices

Another effect of buying fake iPhone accessories is the negative impact that it will have on your business. This is likely to happen when you buy iPhone accessories for wholesale then you sell to your customers.

If they discover that your accessories are fake, they will start viewing your business from a negative angle.

In another scenario, you will have to deal with numerous complaints and even in some cases, you will have to refund them.

The best way of avoiding such troubles is by buying genuine OEM iPhone accessories in China.


Chapter 4: Choosing the Best iPhone Accessories Manufacturer

As you have seen there are dangers of buying fake iPhone accessories. Do you want to avoid such risks? Choose a reliable and reputable OEM iPhone accessories manufacturer in China.

Chances of finding fake accessories from a good manufacturer are almost nil. But, the biggest question is, where and how can I find the best iPhone accessory manufacturer?

Here are some effective ways of finding such a manufacturer:

-Recommendations: You can ask for recommendations from friends and other people who have bought quality iPhone accessories in China.

-Internet: Go to the search engine and type “best iPhone accessories suppliers in China.” You will see companies that have the potential of supplying the best iPhone accessories.

-Business listings/directories: Business listings can give you valuable information about the best suppliers and manufacturers of iPhone accessories.

Once you get a list of the potential companies, dig some deep information about them. Found out their location, capacity, and reputation in the industry.

You should also check their iPhone accessories reviews to see how other people perceive the accessories.


Mocan Technology: Reliable OEM iPhone Accessories in China

Are you planning to buy bulk iPhone accessories? You should look no more. Go ahead and buy from Mocan Technology.

We are ranked among the best OEM iPhone accessories manufacturer in China. That means we can customs your own brand the MFI lightning to USB cable and also can customs Pass UL, FCC, ETL certification charger.

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Our vast experience in this industry enables us to produce nothing but the best.

In case you want to place an order, just contact us and we will be glad to be your partner.

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