iPhone 5 repair parts: The Complete Guide for Importers.

iPhone 5 repair parts
Tina Liu
October 2nd, 2019

If you are a local wholesaler or a repair shop owner, you need to read this guide when you wholesale iPhone 5 repair parts from China.

We understand what users care about and can provide the products that consumers need most.

1, iPhone 5 problems: What users complain about the most.

We learned that these problems are easy to appear in the process of using the iPhone 5.

> iPhone 5 vibration not working

>iPhone 5 can’t connect to Wi-Fi

>iPhone 5 no SIM problem

>iPhone 5 not ringing

>iPhone 5 microphone issues

If you have set up your phone system and have tried to restore the factory network settings, and have not solved these problems after restarting the phone several times, it is likely to be a hardware problem.

When appearing these problems with your iPhone 5, it may be that the internal parts have damaged.

For example, if the iPhone 5 wifi cannot be connected, the wifi module can be replaced, and the speaker can be replaced without sound. if the iPhone 5 can’t charging, it needs to replace the charging port.

The replacement of these parts is easy to operate by the technician, and they are given to solve your problem.

2How many grades of iPhone 5 repair parts?

Usually, for iPhone 5 repair parts only have one quality. because iPhone 5 is an old model, As the mobile phone market continues to change, the demand is gradually decreasing.

3, Is the iPhone 5 still worth repairing after it is damaged?

The iPhone 5 went on sale on September 21, 2012, and it has been six years since now. How to judge whether it is worthy of maintenance, consider these aspects.

1, We must consider whether the IOS operating system is still smooth, it is not recommended that users upgrade to IOS12, it is recommended that users do not upgrade the system.

2, Price, if it is damaged the screen and battery of the iPhone 5S, these two have always been the bigger expense. If just damaged charging port, ear speaker,and back camera, this price is very low. We recommended the user repair it.

4, Why you need to choose the Mocan Technology to buy iPhone 5 repair parts?

Mocan Technology knows all the repair parts, can give you the best quality. And we have a lifetime warranty, let you no worry about the return.

We have the wholesale price list for iPhone 5 repair parts, Low MOQ support, Please contact us to get it.

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