How to Remove the Non-Genuine Battery Warning From iPhone XS XR, XS Max?

Tina Liu
February 25th, 2022
Hi, This is Tina, from Mocan, a supplier and manufacturer of iPhone,iPad, and MacBook batteries.
Because we are familiar with “Apple battery”, this article will answer the problem of iPhone XR, XS, XS Max battery replacement showing a “non-original” message with detailed solutions.

Chapter1: Whether Apple iPhone XR, XS, XS Max battery replacement will show a “non-original” message?

iPhone XR, XS, XS Max replacement Apple original battery will not show a “non-original” message, but when you replace the third-party battery will show a “non-original” message pop-up window, the pop-up window will automatically disappear in 7-15 days.

The Apple original battery here refers to the battery replaced by Apple’s store or Apple’s authorized repair do the after-sales.

Apple official maintenance can enter the after-sales repair system when replacing the battery to rewrite the new code for the battery, maintenance records can be found on the official website, after the replacement of the battery will show the battery health, no pop-up window prompts.

If the replacement of a third-party battery, battery replacement does not decode, the battery and the phone will not match, and the system can not identify the battery, it will display a “non-original” message.

However, this does not mean that only Apple’s official batteries can be replaced, and third-party batteries are not good.

It is just because Apple has adopted a method of encrypting batteries in order to regain a part of the “lost” market share.

Chapter 2:iPhone XR, XS, XS Max battery replacement choose Apple official or a third party?

As an iPhone user, whenever you want to replace the battery, you will start to struggle whether to choose Apple’s official or third-party brand battery.

The next part of this article will make it clear and help you to choose more easily.

2.1 What is the price of replacing Apple’s official battery, and is it worth replacing?

First look at what the price.
There are some differences in the official repair iPhone XR, XS, XS Max battery replacement prices in various countries.

The official iPhone XR、XS、XS Max replacement battery price in the United States is $69.

In the Eurozone, France, Germany, Norway, etc. Price is 75 EURO.

In the United Kingdom, the price is £69.

In Denmark, the price is 569DKK.

Note: There are other countries too numerous to list, and the prices are similar.

To go to the official Apple can be based on the actual situation, some people will find it too expensive and not worth it. But compared to replacing a new phone is still cheap.

You may also feel that the official is not necessarily good, the battery replacement needs to wait too long, etc.


If you are an iPhone XR, XS, XS Max user, have a sufficient budget, and want a simple and straightforward battery replacement, you can choose the official Apple-authorized repair store to replace the battery, you need to make an appointment first.

But iPhone XR, XS, XS Max a nearly 4 years old phones, there is not much need to replace the official Apple battery, because the third-party battery quality is also very good.

The advantage of replacing the iPhone battery in the official one is that it is directly replaced with the same battery as in the original phone, and you don’t have to worry about not showing the health degree or having pop-ups.

But, there are solutions to these problems, and the solutions will be written later in the article.

The downside is that the official battery price is slightly expensive, basically, 2-3 times the price of third-party battery replacement, if your battery is not in stock, you also need to make an appointment first to wait a long time to replace it.

2.2 What if I directly replace the third-party battery?

There are many different quality third-party batteries for iPhone XR, XS, XS Max.
If you replace the third-party battery directly, without taking any other action, there will be a pop-up window that will show that the battery is “non-original” and will not show the battery capacity.

Other third-party batteries can be said to be “non-original”. There is a difference in quality between non-original and original batteries, but it is not a big difference and will not affect functionality.

Because the factories that produce Apple batteries are in China, Apple OEMs such as Desai, Xingwangda, and Huapu are not allowed to sell the same raw materials to others, but other big factories in China will study Apple batteries, and the batteries are not too technically difficult.

The advantage of replacing a third-party battery is that the price is low, generally, only one-third to one-half of the apple official, and the iPhone battery can be used for 1-2 years, and the replacement cost is low.


2.3 What third-party battery options are available? What quality?

Mocan, as a supplier and manufacturer of iPhone batteries, Tina can share with you the 4 types of batteries we often sell to help you go for a more suitable battery for your phone.

1, Apple pull-off original battery.

This kind of battery is the same as Apple aftermarket battery in terms of quality, you can understand that the Apple aftermarket battery is A+, our pull-off original battery is A.

Except there is no way to eliminate the pop-up window, the quality is exactly the same.

(Special note: iPhone 6 to iPhone X batteries will show battery health, no pop-up windows.)

2, LLO battery quality.

The TOP level battery is made in a large factory, using the same BMS battery management system like Apple, as well as TI’s protection board, the main advantage is stability.

Mocan can make different three serial numbers, and the original battery retains the same characteristics, can be sold as the original battery.

You can customize the customer’s brand logo or provide a neutral battery, if you have your own brand that can be sold directly on major e-commerce sites, this battery has very little after-sales service.

One of our customers has purchased 16,000+ batteries in 18 months, only 107 of which require after-sales service.
(Note: Only supply for customizing the wholesale customers to provide LLO batteries)

3, TI battery quality.

Similar to LLO battery quality, does not support serial number rewriting, second only to LLO quality batteries.

4, Normal battery quality.

By the Chinese small factory quality battery, using the protection plate made in China, the battery in the first few months of use stable, long time use may not be so stable, the aftermarket will be somewhat more.


To sum up,
if you are an individual user, you can go for the quality that suits you based on the price.

If you own 1-2 repair stores and have little demand for iPhone XR, XS, XS Max batteries, you can just buy Apple pull-off original batteries.

Because this one is more expensive, there will be almost no complaints about the quality and less trouble for you after the sale.

If you have more repair stores or are a local wholesaler and need at least a few hundred per month for iPhone XR, XS, XS Max batteries, we recommend buying LLO quality.

If you are a large local wholesaler and are price sensitive, you can choose Normal battery quality.

Chapter 3:How to solve the “non-original” message pop-up window on the iPhone XS、XR、XS Max battery in 2022?

If the replacement of a third-party battery will not show the battery health, and will indicate that the battery is not original, there is really no way to solve it?

There is a way to solve it.

At present, there is a technology to solve this, this method is called the “transplant the original protection plate”.

This method only solves the display “battery health” and does not pop up, not that the quality of the replaced battery is the same as the original, it is not.

You do not need to operate, directly using the third-party battery, the pop-up window will automatically disappear in 7-15 days.

The solution for iPhone XS, XS MAX, XR is the same, and the pictures here explain that the XS battery is used.

Preparation work:

  • Need to prepare a basic set of disassembly and repair tools, need to tear down the iPhone.
  • Prepare a new battery cell of the same model, don’t need the whole iPhone battery.
  • Prepare a new battery adhesive and battery protection adhesive. (note: if you purchase the iPhone battery cell from Mocan, we can gift them for you.)
  • Prepare a welding machine that can complete the welding work.
  • Prepare the activated version of the battery.

Note: You must have the Original battery from your iPhone, if not, you cannot change it.

Operation steps:

1, The original battery removed from the phone, the specific disassembly process will not be written, not the focus here.

Dismantling to pay attention to the screen line, and the protection of the face, once the face is damaged can not be repaired, can not be in the face recognition.

2, The main thing is to remove the battery inside the protection plate, the red marked red place in the picture.

3, take out a new battery cell. 

The removed the “protection plate” and the new battery protection plate for welding, the battery has “positive and negative poles” to align, do not get reversed.

Welding with welding tools or machines can be used, as long as you can complete the welding can be used.

4, after the completion of welding, the battery re-wraps, paste the battery protection adhesive, to do a good job of insulation.

5, Put the “new battery” on the battery activation version to activate the battery.

6, after activation, directly installed and tested.

If the test after the battery does not show “non-original”, there is no pop-up window, it will display battery health, which means that there is no problem.

At this time, then install all the accessories to the original location, for a complete installation.



This method is proven to be effective, Need to have a certain maintenance foundation and hands-on ability, not recommended to repair beginners to try.

If you don’t care about the not display of “battery health” and the prompt “non-original”, you can directly replace the third-party battery.

Chapter4: Is the pop-up window on the iPhone XS battery annoying?

As a handheld iPhone XS user, I also chose to replace the battery after the phone was used for 2 and a half years and the battery capacity was reduced to 79%.

For me who is engaged in the battery industry, I do not need to consider more and use our battery directly. And did not go to use the “transplant protection plate” because I was wondering, in the end, there is a pop-up window annoying or not?

I used the third-party battery.

I made an appointment directly with a local technician who could provide [in-home repair] to replace the battery, and then made an appointment at a nearby public place.

The experience was really great, it only took 10 minutes to replace the new battery.

Now I have been using it for almost 2 months, the battery health is not displayed, Pop-ups will be displayed on the phone.

The general situation should be 4-15 days within the pop-up window will automatically message, will not pop up again, because I rarely shut down, my experience is only 2 days there is a pop-up window.

The pop-ups can be deleted, just like other apps with messages. and it will not automatically pop up again, the message can be seen in the system, in the use is not affected by any use at all.

I’m Tina, the above is my solution for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR battery show”non-original message”, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

Maybe you also want to know: Fix iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max battery “non-original” message problem. 

If you have any questions about the products mentioned above, you can also contact me by email. ””

The article is very practical, you can like and forward it first and then watch it slowly.

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