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Tina Liu
October 1st, 2019

Are you still looking for a supplier of iPhone batteries? If yes, then we might be your best and alternative choice.

The quality of your customers’ iPhone battery directly proportional to the performance of an iPhone device. This means that if your customers’ iPhone battery is of high quality, then its performance is also high.Therefore, you should choose a supplier that supplies quality iPhone batteries for your customers.

In order to deliver our services well, we have a battery warehouse in Europe. We can deliver iPhone battery to your destination within 3 to 7 working days.


1.How many kinds of quality of iPhone batteries?

iPhone batteries always have different qualities, you will hear “Original”, “OEM”, “zero cycles”, “Grade A” and so on. Let me share with you a secret. A secret that will make you say, “Aha, I want this, this is exactly what I need.”



For iPhone batteries, this is the most worth buying quality. We will always hear countless customers saying, “Yes, I want the best quality. I want the best quality.”

This OEM new iPhone battery can be used for at least 2 years, it is a more useful product than any other accessory and more valuable product.

Therefore, Choose the best quality under the selected conditions.

The number of original batteries is always decreasing, which simply means that the price will remain unchanged for a long time.So, is it still worth to pay foran old model?

This is a question worth considering. If you are buyer or owner, then you must have your own answer.

Superior quality (TI battery)

Let me introduce the TI battery.
Basically, it involves the use of the Texas Instruments (TI) Protection board.

Also, they have the same capacity as the original iPhone battery. The TI battery is the best after we have tested many batteries and protective plates from different factories.

If we want to recommend some goods to clients, we will only recommend the best. We recommend not only considering the price but also the iPhone battery standard. This is because the iPhone battery standards must be higher than other products available in the market.

This is a good choice for your customers.

OEM Used/ Looks like the original.

This iPhone battery is a secret I mentioned before, I think this is a “Treasure” battery. When I introduce you to this product, you will definitely say, “Aha, I want this, this is exactly what I need.”

Why is it so good?

The new product looks like the original battery. This battery is 100% Cobalt Cell with original used PCM and each battery has a different QR code.

This means that for every iPhone battery, we can use software to identify the battery. This means that each battery has an Anti-counterfeit data matrix QR code label.

If you want to scan the QR code, it is recommended that you use the software. The software name is I-nigma. Using a software scan can get a string of numbers that can easily tell the iPhone battery is of good quality or not. It is clearly determined if the three barcodes match.

We always have to supply a better choice for our clients as the market changes. Many people still don’t know about this product, so this is an opportunity, an opportunity to expand into new markets.

We foresee that this is the most popular product for wholesalers.

If you want to know more, please contact us.

2.Our batteries can be sold to all countries, especially in Europe.

We are professional enough, and we understand the quality of all our products and will recommend the best battery for your market.

Too much to say, it is better to contact us immediately to deal with a passionate and honest supplier, you will be well taken care of.

So, our batteries can be sold to all countries.

When we send iPhone batteries directly from China to Australia and New Zealand, we will use the Australian special line, and the time limit is about 12 working days.

When we send iPhone batteries directly from China to the U.S, we will use the door-to-door including customs tax channel which takes about 10 to 14 working days via the UPS channel. The shipping costs will include tax prices. However, our shipping is reasonable, fast and safe.

In particular, we are very advantageous to send iPhone battery ship to Europe. This is because we stock iPhone batteries in European warehouses. However, we also send iPhone batteries directly from China to Europe but different product quantity will have different choices.

If you are in Europe, don’t miss wholesale iPhone batteries from us.

3.Why European clients must choose us to purchase the iPhone battery?

First and foremost, we have a European warehouse. Surely, we are your local iPhone battery expert. Our battery price and transportation are very advantageous. Aha! Clients who have purchased our iPhone battery say that the shipping cost is too cheap.

Our European warehouses can support one client in small quantities from 10 pieces to 200 pieces. When local wholesalers work with us, we tend to ship from China because it will be faster and the freight is also the most cost-effective for us to come to each other.

As long as you are in the EU countries such as France, Denmark, Germany, the UK and so on. Our delivery and shipping speed is very fast. It usually takes 3 to 7 days. However, you can choose other shipping methods if you want your supply as soon as possible.

We use the German DHL to provide land transport because the battery cannot be on the plane, so we can only choose land transport.

Generally, the goods will arrive within 3 days after the update on the Internet. Then wait for the goods to arrive at the designated location within 2 days, the shipping information will be updated online. Moreover, Our transportation will deal with custom clearance procedures. You only need to wait for delivery in your office because once you have paid for the freight, then you do not need to pay for the tariff.

However, if it is not an EU country, the time will longer because it will involve the rules of the EU and must comply with the rules of each country. For example, Norway, Switzerland and other countries need you to handle customs clearance and pay taxes.

4.What is the iPhone battery after-sales guarantee?

One of the most important things that we understand as a reputable iPhone battery supplier is the distinct iPhone battery characteristics. We understand the common iPhone battery failures and we also solve common small problems for your clients.

If the iPhone battery defects, we need to know the cause of such defects.

Recently, one of our clients had a question concerning an iPhone battery that does not charge.
After a detailed discussion, we realized that the stored power inside has been exhausted, and then triggered the internal low iPhone battery automatic protection function. Therefore, it was a must to be activated before it can be used.

We have a solution that can activate either by machine or by the gadget. So, we add a gadget to our client’s new order free of charge.

No matter what kind of problem the client has encountered. As long as he or she communicates with us, we can always come up with a solution.

After a few days, the client received our tool to activate the battery to solve the problem perfectly.

If there is a problem, find out the reason to solve it. In case it can’t be solved, we will bear the quality problem. What we care about is solving problems for our customers to achieve the perfect purchasing experience, not just the after-sales. Providing the perfect level of shopping experience is what we have to do.

User experience is a key aspect that we always pay attention to.

As a result, iPhone batteries have different categories that are based on their quality. It goes without saying that every valuable product has different qualities to fit the consumers’ demands. Therefore, we supply the quality that is in high demand by your customers.

Contact us to experience our products and services!

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