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Mocan Technology Ltd. is a leading supplier of all types of BaseUs accessories

Including screen protectors, cases, wireless chargers, mirco cables, type-c cables, Lightning cable, and etc…

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iPhone Screen Protector

Mocan Technology wholesale all Baseus brand screen protectors, including iPhone, Samsung and Huawei screen protector.  There are mainly high-definition, Anti-blue and anti- peep tempered glass.

The Baseus screen protectors have these features:

–All-screen design: full glass design for full screen, show the transparent horizon and panoramic view.
–High transparency design can not affect the visual effect of your screen
–Flexible and smooth touch: hand feeling is smoother, touch is more sensitive, and click is more accurate.
–Automatically paste film: touch and attached, exhaust quickly, automatically fit closely.
–9H hardness: high-strength 9H, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant, it prevents scratches during a long time.

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iPhone Cases

Only the bravest will opt to go without a case, and being an Apple device there are many high-quality options available in Baseus brand, from the fashionable to the rugged, from the simple to the complex there is something for everyone.

We supply for all iPhone 7/ 7plus/ 8/8 plus/ X/ XS/ XR/ XS Max, and all new iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max cases.

The Baseus iPhone cases have these features:

—They have many transparent phone case is under a special coating that prevents discoloration so your phone can always shine through.

—In addition to its slim fit and lightweight design, the Baseus case features tactile button covers and a raised lip that protect the camera and screen on the iPhone device.

—The Baseus cases are easy to take off or install, Anti-scratch, Delicate lining which protect your iPhone.

—360-degree protection against drops and keep your mobile phone away from dust, dirt, and damage.

—Perfect fit for your iPhone and hold it tightly, not easy to fall off. All hole location was reserved, do not affect the use of the phone.

We have these products quotation, please send message to us to get it.

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Wireless Charger

Wireless charger has been around for a few years now. However, the trend has picked up immensely since Apple’s iPhone X started providing its customers with the option to wirelessly charge their smartphones.

After all, wireless charging has created many positive changes as it alleviates multiple problems and inefficiencies that are closely tied to connecting devices and chargers into outlets.

Baseus wireless charging can be sized to deliver 5W or 10W of energy to the battery. It can be a good solution to charge your battery. Just set your phone down on this wireless charger pad, the built-in smart IC chip intelligently optimizes charging speed, 10W and 7.5W charges Qi-compatible phones 15% faster than 5W ordinary wireless charge.

These Baseus wireless chargers can suitable for iPhone, Samsung, XiaoMi, Sony, Huawei, OnePlus, MeiZu brand mobile phones. if the phone itself does not have wireless charging function, Baseus has the wireless charging receiver adapter can make it have wireless charging function.

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Data Cable

We have all lightning to USB cable, micro cable and Type-C cable. and also have audio cable.


Basues have been developed very quickly in the data cable, there are suitable for fast charging, also have 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters cables. it’s wired with different materials which are practical and value coexisting.


We have all data cable quotation, please send message to us to get it.

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Buying Baseus Accessories Guide from Mocan Technology China.

Having a new mobile phone feels good, right? Especially if it is the latest model of iPhone/Samsung in the market. But are you getting the best out of your iPhone/Samsung? If not you should consider buying Baseus accessories.

Baseus accessories not only have iPhone accessories like cases and screen protector, also have Data cable, wireless charger, phone holder.

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