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May 21st, 2021

Welcome to @Mocan, we are a top-tier supplier of batteries and screens, based in Shenzhen, China.

Chapter 1: Battery for iPhone.

Our company’s best-selling product is the iPhone battery, which is available as a regular product and as a customized service.

For this reason, we have updated the following series to give you a better understanding of batteries.

1.1 iPhone Battery: The Complete Guide for Importers. 

In this article, you can find out the difference between original and high-quality batteries? How many different qualities of batteries are available? How to choose a good supplier? Shipping issues and much more.

1.2  European Shipping: Your local iPhone batteries expert! – Mocan supplier.

In this article, you can know, How many different qualities of batteries are there? Advantages of European warehouses? After-sales handling options, etc.

1.3 How to customize the OEM iPhone batteries?

How about custom OEM batteries, can you customize them with your own branding? Can they come without any brand? What is the quality? This article answers these questions one by one.

Chapter 2: Battery for Macbook, Samsung, and Huawei.

2.1  MacBook Battery: The Complete Guide for Importers – Mocan China.

Are you into the business of MacBook batteries? It is obvious that you would like to give your customers the best batteries. You can achieve this goal by importing quality MacBook batteries in China. We have provided answers to some questions you want to know.

2.2  Samsung LCD & Battery: The Complete Guide for Importers – Mocan.

If you are a repair owner or a wholesale, you will obviously want to buy Samsung LCD and battery for wholesale. What are some of the things that you should do when buying these phone components? please check.

2.3 Huawei Battery: The Complete Guide for Importers.

According to the statistics, Huawei is the second-largest most popular phone maker after Samsung. Many people across the world have bought and are using Huawei phones. you may want to know these.

Chapter 3: Screen for iPhone, iPad.

3.1  iPhone Screen: The Complete Guide for Importers. – Mocan China.

Through this article, you will learn about the various details of imported iPhone screens, such as quality, price, service, and shipping. Therefore, read every part and we sure you are going to know the complete guide for import the iPhone screen.

3.2  7 things Need to Know About Wholesale iPhone Screen-Mocan China.

Through this article, you will understand some of the problems of the screen itself and the answers.

3.3 Return is Easy and Doesn’t Require You To Pay.-Mocan Service.

Provide an after-sales case, a good description of our return policy, for your reference.

3.4  iPad Screen: The Complete Guide for Importers. – Mocan Technology.

Whether you want to import iPad screens for personal use or for business, here is a guide for you. You will learn more about everything that entails importing iPad screens in China.

Chapter 4:  Mobile Phone Accessories.

4.1 iPhone Accessories: The Complete Guide for Importers.

iPhone accessories are designed and manufactured to improve the functionality and even the look of your iPhone. Some of the accessories are so essential that you will find it difficult to use your phone without them.

4.2 Buying Baseus Accessories Guide from Mocan Technology China.

Baseus accessories not only have iPhone accessories like cases and screen protectors but also have a Data cable, wireless charger, phone holder. You may like the Baseus brand products.

If you need to know more about other accessories, please comment or send me an email (, thanks.

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