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About Mocan Technology

Mocan Technology Limited is a leading iPhone, iPad and MacBook parts supplier operating in China. We offer a wide range of products including screens and batteries, mobile cases, tempered glass, cables, chargers, etc. In addition to that, we also offer OEM custom MFI and custom battery packs.

We work in collaboration with a number of other factories that have been working with Mocan for the past 7 years. We’re headquartered in China with our shipping process being handled from Hong Kong.

We’re dedicated to providing premium-quality products to our customers. We’ve designed an extensive product range to fulfill the diversified needs of all our clients. Quality assurance is the one thing we never compromise on. Once you do business with us, you would come to know how eager our team is to surpass your expectations.

We update our product catalog from time to time to ensure you get the most updated and recent product choices. Our research team is always on its toes to make beneficial and most sought-after additions to our current product range.

We take customer feedback very seriously and leave no stone unturned to resolve issues on time. Not only do we focus on impeccable product quality and product requirements, but also follow up on the logistics information to ensure quick delivery.

The Story of The founder

Welcome to Mocan. I am Tina Liu, the Founder of Mocan Technology Ltd. I have been working in the field of Apple parts supplies from the past 6 years. While I started my career with another company, it took me less than 3 years to establish my own venture.

Due to our incomparable product line and seamless after-sales system, we can proudly call Mocan as one of the best Apple replacement parts exporters and suppliers in China.

September 4


I shifted from Wuhan to Shenzhen on March 18th, 2013 and started working as an internee at one of the reputable companies. Shenzhen is the land of opportunities. This is the place where you will see a whirlwind of mobile phone accessories.

September 4


During my internship, I got an opportunity to learn about different products and the art of logistics. Luckily, I got my first order worth $7,520 from a German client at the end of the first month of work. I still remember this amount as it reminds me of the excitement and future plans I had in mind at that time.

September 4


Within 3 years, we catered to over 100 companies while maintaining long-term and stable cooperation with one-tenth of our customers.

September 4


Mocan Technology is now one of the leading Apple replacement parts suppliers that is both professional and trustworthy. We’re fast in processing our shipments and also offer a life-time warranty for most of our products to ensure maximum safety.

September 4


Starting a business had never been an easy thing. I had to start from scratch with limited resources, zero client base and confined finances.

September 4


Since, I always wanted to initiate my own business, a place where I can implement my own ideas and creativity without any disagreement from upper management or coworkers, I resigned in April 2016 in hope to establish something of my own.

September 5


I was fortunate enough to have met Lenka Zhang on May 31, 2016. She is the force behind my motivation. At that time, I was quite confident as I had market knowledge and years of experience. I knew my target market and was hopeful to find stable supplier sources soon.

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