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7 things Need to Know About Wholesale iPhone Screen
Tina Liu
October 1st, 2019

We believe that you’re a professional in repair iPhone, but sometimes the screen itself will have some issues to make trouble. Learn more about the iPhone screen so that you don’t be concerned when you wholesale iPhone screens. 

Surely, this page will tell you 7 things you must know when you wholesale iPhone screen.  

Lets get started! 

1, What is the iPhone screen replacement ?

When you wholesale iPhone screen, you will care about how to the made of an iPhone screen.

The iPhone screen is made of external touch glass digitizer, internal LCD, LCD flex cable, and frame by the assembly. Then, A product has different qualities because these components use different raw materials. 

However, it is important to note that the iPhone’s construction glass and LCD are integrated. Therefore, if you want to do iPhone screen replacement, you cannot only repair the touch glass screen, then you must repair together. Usually, there is no way to repair part of it separately. 

We said the “Usually”, also have” a few exceptions.” 

Besides, some iPhone series products are also possible to ONLY repair the touch glass. In such cases, you only need to buy a machine separator and a press screen machine.  

As a result, you will need to have professional skills to perform only touch glass replacement. Usually, it is very advisable to purchase the entire iPhone screen to avoid require multiple repairs. 

2, Aftermarket vs Original iPhone Screen – What You Need to Know. 

You will usually hear of “Original”, “Refurbished”, “OEM”, “Grade A”, “AAA”, or “aftermarket”. If the price seems too good, then it means a lower grade of parts.   

iPhone screens come in many different qualities and are generally divided into OEM original and aftermarket screens. When you wholesale iPhone screen, it’s important to distinguish between different qualities, not only because of the huge price difference but also because of the quality of the high quality screen can reduce your customers’ complaints. 

Let us explain to you how to distinguish the screen.

The difference between the OEM original screen and the aftermarket screen is that the aftermarket iPhone screen has lower brightness, contrast, and vibrancy as compared to the original iPhone screen. 

For the test of the polarizer, the aftermarket screen is as good as the original. but, the frame of the aftermarket iPhone screen is easy to separate. 

Suppose the OEM original iPhone screen that has a tempered glass is dropped on the ground, then the screen may not be damaged. But for the aftermarket iPhone screen, it can easily damage because their durability is not the same. 

Here are the three distinct ways to distinguish between the original iPhone screen and high copy iPhone screen.  

1.Place the flexible cables in two places, and the brown flexible cable is original. Please check the left one is original, the right one is AAA. 

2.Observe the camera mount ring, the green or blue ring is the original mass. the left one is original, the right one is AAA. 

3.Observe the Flex cable, the brown flexible cable is original, and the AAA will be black. the left one is original, the right one is AAA.

So the iPhone screens are tested one by one before sending, checking the look, touch functions, and scratches.

No matter the quality, whether it is original or aftermarket Grade AAA quality, there are no functional problems and no scratches.

If you want to know all iPhone screen quality, please check our page for iPhone Screen.(www.imocan.com/iphone-screen/)

3,iPhone screen cold VS yellow screen?

In the Aftermarket screen, it often has a warm and cold screen, which is caused by different backlights, and different clients have different requirements for the screen. 

The cold screen can also be said that the screen color is biased toward blue, and the warm screen is turned yellow.  

In the video, the screen on the left is Grade A and the color is yellow, and the screen on the right is the ESR LCD AAA screen on the cold screen. 

The cold screen can adjust the color of the display to the original screen during use so that the display brightness of the screen is more in line with the customer’s desire. Please check the video. 

4,Solved: iPhone 7 Plus/ 8 Plus/ XS Original screen touch issues.

Recently, We received our potential client message about the original screen touch issues. 

He said 

I have baugt a few iPhone XS screens from my current supplier. None of these screens work with my customers phone. Old screen works fine. I have used the machine to transfer data from old screen to new screen, but it still won’ work. Is this a common problem? 

We answer 

I understand your problem. First of all, The iPhone XS screen have two versions. This is the point of the matter. If the version of the screen is wrong, no matter how you transfer data, the screen will still have touch issues. 

Then, we tell him how to distinguish between the two screens. Now, you also can know it. 

Please check the two pictures. One is Big Font, another is little Font. 

And the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus screen also have two versions. 

Please check the pictures. The iPhone 7 Plus and 8 plus screen can check the backlight core, have two codes: C11-F7C compatible and DT-C3F compatible. 

 If you read this guide still have problems, welcome to contact us. Whether you are our client or not, we are willing to discuss technical problem with you. 

We are professional, You need, we match. 

5, How to judge who is the suitable iPhone screen supplier?

As a buyer or owner of a retail shop, suppliers are your best resource. If you have some the core iPhone screen supplier, it will make your work easier because a supplier always gives the most support. 

So, How to know who is a suitable supplier for iPhone screens? A supplier that always meet your requirements at all cost. Let us discover some of the features of a good supplier. 

As a buyer/owner, you must have dealt with many traders or local wholesale suppliers. Therefore, you have your own standard. 

I know that when you choose an iPhone screen supplier, you will first consider the expected profitability. Yes, you got me right! the profit is important. Under the same conditions, you will surely choose a supplier that can earn more profits. 

However, what is “the same condition”? 

The same condition states that all other advantages held constant the price remains the only criterion used to choose the best iPhone screen for your customers.  

When we want to purchase the iPhone screen, we consider several aspects such as high efficiency, good service, good quality, sample, and flexible payment methods. Therefore, we need to ensure that all these aspects are the same before we talk about the price.  

More so, there are other key aspects to consider when choosing a supplier. Some of them are clearly discussed below: 

1.Good communication.

Good communication is too important, not only for efficient work but also for purchase orders. 

Even if the products are the same, the people who sell the products are different. Different people have different ways of doing things. And it is very important to be able to fully polite to every customer.  

A good supplier should be able to quickly understand your needs and communicate according to your logical thinking. This saves time and improves customer relationships. 


The quality of iPhone screens is varied. For example, the understanding of “OEM” is very different.  

Because of the assembly of raw materials, the products of different factories will be slightly different. So, just identifying “iPhone screen OEM quality” doesn’t make any sense. 

As a buyer/owner, you will definitely be concerned about quality issues as you start working with new suppliers. So does the supplier have the right solution?  

At Mocan Technology, we have the Experimental Procurement Service (EPS). This is the technique we use to clearly demonstrate the quality of the iPhone screen to our clients. 

Learn more about our purchase process, product quality, delivery speed, customer service, shipping time and customs clearance. You will surely like doing business with us.

3.Provides complete product information for iPhone screen.

When you ask the supplier about the price of the iPhone screen, the supplier needs to provide the customer with complete product specification of the iPhone screen. 

Some of the key aspects that a reliable supplier highlight is:

  • Price and picture. 
  • Description of different qualities, 
  • Freight, how to ship, what transport to use, how long to arrive,
  • The payment method. 

More importantly, a reliable supplier always gives straight to the key point information without doubts. 

4.Give professional suggestions. 

The Suppliers need to know in advance the habits of the public using which quality in the country where the customer is located. A supplier should also be aware of the approximate price of the iPhone screen in that whole locality.  

Suppliers need to clients with more information because everyone wants to work with someone who has experience in the field concerned.

5.Give you full support.

As a buyer or owner, You will deal with many suppliers, but there is that one supplier which can provide you with the full support you may need. 

A good supplier can support you:

  • When you ask for the iPhone screen quote, they by either replying quickly and giving you a detailed product list.
  • When you need to test the iPhone screen quality, the supplier can support you in sharing the expenses. 
  • When you find the defective iPhone screen, a suitable supplier can give you quick feedback and offer a solution. 

In summary, the best suitable supplier of iPhone screen fully supports for you. Therefore, it is very wise to choose a supplier that is very supportive. This is because a good relationship always makes your business or brand to boom. 

6.Is it a Chinese trader or a factory to supply an iPhone screen?

“Are you a factory or trading company?”

We often receive client’s inquiries. In the past, the first reaction we heard was this sentence was, “The client may be dissatisfied with the trading company.” The face is depressed! 

But now, we will say to our clients very calmly, “We are a trading company, then what can we do…” 

Why we are calm?

Because we know enough about our clients, we are the most relevant suppliers of our clients. I know who my clients are and I know they need us. We are also confident to solve our clients’ views on the disadvantages of trading companies. 

First of all, let’s take a look at Why the clients want to find a factory to cooperate? 

  1. The factory could control quality and mass production.
  2. Considering the better price quoted from the factory will be better.

Yeah, the factory can control the quality and progress. However, for the iPhone screen, there are a variety of qualities. Not even one factory can claim that they can produce all the different quality products. It is very unrealistic.  

Some of the qualities must go to other factories to adjust the goods. Of course, the direct purchase of the factory may have a price advantage because of the huge amount of purchase. 

However, suppose you need to purchase small quantities, then consider if the factory is willing to cooperate. Is there still a good service? Is it still a price advantage? 

Besides, you should also consider the quality and delivery time. The iPhone screen is a fast-moving consumer good, therefore, the delivery time is usually only a few days.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of trading companies that wholesale iPhone screen.

  1. Professionalism.

    Usually, the factories are in more remote areas. Therefore, the employees recruited by the trading company will be more professional, more experienced and more knowledgeable on iPhone screen industry.

  2. Good communication and efficiency.

    The Workflow of a trading company’s employees is generally like this. 

    If you contact the trading company staff to ask the price list of iPhone screen series, then they will not ask you ”What is your purchase quantity? What model? What quality? Which color do you need?” Rather, they will start to calculate the latest price in the face of the client’s inquiry for the iPhone screen.  

    This because there has been market research before, it will first recommend the quality and price that is most suitable for your market.  

    If necessary, they will need to describe the product quality and attach the product pictures. Furthermore, they tell you the shipping cost and payment method for your reference. 

    They will also give complete information and communicate effectively at one time. Besides, they always give you feedback. Therefore, you don’t need your repeated urging.  

    Our company employees can do the above with the utmost professionalism. 

  3. Diversified products

    If you have been purchasing iPhone screens, there will always be a demand for other electronic products. Trading companies have diversified product chains.  

    In the past, we have received an inquiry from an intent client, the client asked” Whether we are a factory or a trading company? “I said that we are a trading company, and then the client was very happy. Because we are exactly what he wanted. 

    Our clients will purchase iPhone screens, but they often don’t just buy one type of product, maybe this time it’s the screen, the next time they need an earphone, and the third time needs a data cable or a tempered glass. 

    The products will change according to their sales situation, and because we have established the premise of cooperation, we can naturally be selected in the new product inquiry stage. 

    Choosing who to work with should be based on your needs and product positioning. The most important thing is the person that always cooperate. 

7,Warranty & Return policy.

The iPhone screen is an extremely fragile part. When you are on the wholesale iPhone screen, be sure to ask for a good warranty and return guarantee. 

Usually, the warranty for the iPhone screen is one year, and some of the company will provide a lifetime warranty. Yep, Mocan Technology warranty policy is to offer a lifetime warranty for all quality iPhone screens that are limited to quality issues and not including man-made damage. 

The scope of the warranty covers only quality issues, the product will be tested before shipment, and the appearance will be checked to ensure that there are no problems. If the client finds any problems, they need to send us some of pictures or video to confirm the details. 

Once confirmed as a quality issue and cannot be repaired, we will communicate with the client to replace the new iPhone screen in the next order and hope that the client can retain the damaged product for us.  

Once the product has too many iPhone screens damaged, we will negotiate with the client to return to our warehouse in Hong Kong, we will bear the freight. 

The core of our warranty policy is that most likely to guarantee that the client gets the profits they deserve.  

No matter what problems you encounter during the wholesale iPhone screen, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions. 

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